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Whiskey Richard was forged with the idea of assembling an all rock supergroup made up of four of the region's best performers to blow away an audience in a one-off concert spectacular. As fate would have it, the ease at which the band came together, fueled by the deafening crowd reaction, propelled Whiskey Richard into much more than a one night stand.

Since then, Whiskey Richard has been astonishing each and every packed crowd with their no-holds-barred rock shows. The band brings a myriad of the best rock anthems into every performance, backed up by true rock and roll attitude. Whiskey Richard walks the walk and rocks the rock. This isn't an R&B, variety or country band trying to rock for a few songs a night...this is a ROCK band playing ROCK all night long...the way it should be.

Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Blues Rock, Arena Rock, Metal, Pop Rock, Modern long as it's ROCK, it's right in Richard's wheelhouse.

Whiskey Richard's success is no doubt rooted in the vast history of these rock and roll road veterans. Culling experience from bands such as Dirty Work, Poker Alice, RadioSick and most notably, Midwest powerhouses Blind Vision and Hellanova, Whiskey Richard knows how to rock and knows how to bring it to your audience!

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